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This week's show is with Darren Deojee, Darren is all about bringing Positive Masculinity your way. He is firmly rooted in the Oral Tradition and the Toltec Mysteries and their irreplaceable power to bring transformation, realisation and connection. With 10 years teaching, and over 20 years practical experience in Toltec Gender and the Art of Spelling and Sound, his approach has transformed the relationships, perspective and personal power of thousands over the years.

He calls his work Mental Healing to tackle a western pandemic he refers to as ‘mental disembodiment’ and return us to our indigenous nature of Integral Mind and embodied language.

Darren lives in Suffolk, England, is in a committed long term relationship, and has 4 children.

In this conversation, Darren and I explored what's going on for men living in today's modern world. There's a rise in addiction, suicide, escapism, and depression. Men have got to point of feeling shame about being a man, even judging of themselves for it.

Darren believes the answer is in healing of the connection to the gifts of the masculine. We dived into what he means by those gifts, why he sees them as the answer for not just men but our world as a whole, and how we can heal that connection.

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