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This week's show is with Floris Koot. Floris Koot (58) is a 'Play Engineer' active in many fields. He co-founded a revolutionary school (Knowmads), developed a sport that breaks all the conventions (Switchball) and invented a piano method (learn to play freely in 15 minutes)! He trains a facilitates innovative processes.

He believes 'we' only win when everyone wins. Globally many people and organizations seek to work so that the whole will flourish through their activity. Floris contributes to this Gentle Revolution happening. He helps individuals and organisations to become more purpose driven, free and playful.

In this show, we explored the power of play - what exactly it is, why it's important and what are the benefits of us playing more. :-)

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Play frees us up to explore outside boundaries, breaks through patterns, think creatively and without focus on ticking boxes the 'right way'.
  • We all can learn fast and effectively through play - in fact, Floris said, it's how nature has designed for us to learn.
  • Play connects us  - it allows us to bring our full selves, our presence, to another person or situation and allows us to communicate beyond the bounds of defined roles and expectations.
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