The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Adil Amarsi, known by many as the mad scientist of advertising is a copywriting, persuasion, and influence genius. Adil Amarsi is a serial entrepreneur who's been working at his craft since he was 12.

Having grown up in a harsh home environment, dealing with bullying, bipolar depression, ADD, and dyslexia - this lead a young Adil to attempt to take his life 6 times before understanding that he was never truly happy.

Once he started studying how to be happy, he began smiling and in this podcast we're going to cover his gift, the promise he made himself at the age of 11, and what influences him today and HOW you can begin to feel happier, even in bad situations.

It's incredibly inspiring to hear the level of change that is possible for all of us - no matter what's happened in our past or what we're battling with.

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