The Primal Happiness Show

I'm speaking to coach and author Dr Amy Johnson. Amy helps people to bounce back from all kinds of different events in life.

Amy's new book is out in January and is all about habits, and rather excitingly... the no-will power approach to breaking any habit. So today we're diving deep into how to break a bad habit!

What you'll learn from the show:

  • We often try to make changes by focusing right in on the habit that we want to change... from there it can be hard to see anything fresh. When we can zoom out away from the habit, we can relax and see that we're actually healthy by nature, and the habit is simply a load of thought on top of it.

  • We can think a habit is a fixed and is who we are... but we have all have had times in the past when we've been happy, at peace and habit-free or at least moments where we're not acting out on the habit.

  • The past doesn't exist for us outside of our thinking about is so how can a habit exist, outside of thoughts in this moment? We start afresh in every single moment and we don't need to put a label on that.

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