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How to be your true self... with Barb Patterson

So what happened on last week's show? It was a goodie... it was with Don Deacy and it's was about the desire to feel better versus trusting that we already are OK. And seriously, subscribe to the show now and then you won't miss out again!

And this week I'm talking to the amazing Barb Patterson! Barb runs a coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of state of mind & performance to clients around the world.Barb has lived and worked in Europe and the US. She has over 20 years experience as both an internal executive and outside consultant for businesses, entrepreneurs, CEOs and top executives from all regions of the world. She also mentors other coaches and practitioners.

  Today we're going to be talking about true self vs the image of who we think we are:

Who could I be?

What could I do?

Could I do more?

How could I be better?

Am I living my life to my fullest potential?

What am I striving for anyway?

If you've asked yourself these questions then this is the show for you!

What you'll learn in this show:

  • We don't need to strive to be something because all we're doing is striving for an image of who we think we should be!
  • The made-up nature of our personalities means we're not our Myers Briggs types! All of that is just thought. Really we all have a freedom to think all kinds of things and therefore there's a wide open space of who we can be.
  • Who knows what true selves really are but what Barb has seen is that left alone, our true nature always appears and that means we always blossom.
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