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I'm speaking to Caroline Frenette.  Caroline is an Intuitive Business Coach and Entrepreneur, she was the owner of two different retail businesses over ten years.

Caroline has spent the past two+ years researching the human intuitive process as it applies specifically to business building & entrepreneurship, immersing herself as a research participant in over 25 well-known business courses and conducting experimentation with her own businesses, as well as those of her clients, and investing over $100,000 to date in her quest to help business owners develop a deep inner security, confidence and strength that will transform the way they do business forever.

Caroline’s research and professional interests have led her to explore various opportunities around the world, her next venture & dream being to develop a non-profit to teach these same principles to women in developing countries how to do what she calls, “create a business from the inside out.”

Today we're talking about awakening your inner CEO and creating a thriving business from the inside out.

What you'll learn from the show:

  • Instead of simply following our passion, excitement or good feeling, regardless of red flags we notice, Caroline recommends following our inner voice. Even though sometimes our intuition is guiding us towards something that doesn't feel easy or comfortable.

  • Caroline describes our inner voice as having a clear, neutral, truth, with no feeling attached to it. Caroline says that the inner voice is completely separate to emotions like fear or feeling good.

  • We all have access to this inner voice or intuition. Caroline guided us through a short exercise to notice this for ourselves and has gifted listeners access to her 75 minute intuitive playshop Awakening Your Inner CEO.

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