The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with personal coach, Dave Kibby and today we're talking about why don't we live the life we'd love to live.

Dave says that understanding the three principles allows us to return to the age of innocence. Whilst playing fancy dress is really cool, it's nice to realise that costumes and masks are all part of the game and not a prerequisite. Without them we can get closer to those around us and see each situation with fresh eyes, and all achievable with minimal effort.

So in this show, Dave shares what the three principles look like to him, and why understanding them allows us to live the life we'd love to live!

What you'll learn in this show:

  • Why we can feel completely different in the exact same circumstances. What's the missing link there?
  • Why understanding that it IS all thought, was far more powerful for Dave than understanding he could change his thinking.
  • Why our personality, our feelings, our actions, our behaviour,  are all created, moment to moment, via thought. Why don’t we live the life we’d love to life? Simply because we think we can’t.
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