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This week's show is with Mark Howard, Ph.D. Dr. Howard is a psychologist who is recognized as one of the original professionals bringing the Three Principles to psychology and related fields. Since 1982, Dr Howard has taught clients, families, business professionals, and mental health practitioners about these principles. In 1994 he brought the understanding of these three principles to the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services in Santa Clara County California. Dr Howard has co-authored a published research paper demonstrating the validity of the three principles in treatment outcome. In 2008, Dr Howard was awarded the “Outstanding Career Service” award by the Santa Clara Psychological Association.

In this show we talk about how Mark works with his clients who are suffering from depression and the freedom and happiness that he sees is true for every one of us.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Any emotional state - such as depression - must start with thought. We can all see beyond our usual way of seeing things and this can happen in a moment. When that happens, years of feeling a specific way, even depression, can drop away instantly.
  • We can all have new thought that we've not had before - news ways to think about ourselves or other people. You're not limited to your brain.
  • If you're suffering from depression then first of all, make sure you're safe, reach out to someone.
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