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Weight Loss (1/3). A Fly On The Wall Coaching Session with Elaine Hilides

Elaine Hilides, an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and author of No.1 ranked Amazon Kindle book 'Mindfulness: The No-Diet Diet Book', coaches a new client Amy around the thoughts that are creating her eating and weight issues. This is the first of three sessions, all of which will be released as Podcast episodes over the coming weeks.

Elaine's approach is a revolutionary step away from the usual world of diets and self-denial and it's very, very effective - she's helped hundreds of people to lose weight and go on to live healthier, happier lives.

Being a fly on the wall to this coaching session, was mind-blowing even to me, coming to it as a coach with an understanding of the same three principles of Mind, Thought & Consciousness that Elaine shares with her clients.

In this episode, Elaine explains:

  • How we often eat to create feelings that recapture memories or pleasant associations with certain types of food
  • The benefits of eating 'mindfully', i.e. checking in with your thoughts and feelings before you reach into the fridge
  • How we can move from that typical dieting mindset of deprivation and willpower, to a sense of happiness, freedom and choice

Above all, Elaine is all about people enjoying the food they eat and their lives as a whole. As Elaine says "Using the Mind-Fullness approach, you will have the body you want easily and effortlessly and much sooner than you thought possible.  This approach will change the way you think about food and your weight."

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