The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Eliane Sainte-Marie, the founder of Parenting for Wholeness, creator of the acclaimed Clean Parenting Program where she guides parents in experiencing the ease and harmony she promises is possible in families, author of the book Clean Parenting: the Peaceful Parent’s Essential Handbook, and mother to three wonderful adult daughters. She’s passionate about helping parents raise children who are whole, as well as helping them shed what’s in their way of living from a place of wholeness.

In this conversation, we spoke about how to manage life as parents with children at home at this time, the importance of taking a long term perspective of our family's health and happiness, causing as little damage as possible, and how to create more love and harmony in these strange times. I'm so happy to have co-created this with Eliane - I believe it's going to be so hopeful and helpful to so many of us at this time (and maybe beyond too).


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