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This week's show is with Erika Bugbee. Erika is a partner at Pransky and Associates and co-creator of the company's Online Learning Division.  For 35 years Pransky and Associates has helped individuals, couples, and executives who are motivated and open to learning relate to their minds differently so they're less affected by limitations, fears, and distress, and optimizes their enjoyment, peace of mind, and potential in life. Erika has a Masters degree in psychology and joined Pransky and Associates in 1999. She's married and has two kids, 12 and 14 years old and lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

In this show we explored what Erika‚Äôs seen about the default setting that most of us have and how that gets in our way. 

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Our minds often have a default setting like blaming ourselves, or looking for danger but they're not true, they're just the setting that our thoughts are being created through.
  • We all have the opportunity to wake up to our settings at any moment - sometimes that comes from recognising the same setting in someone else. When that happens, the setting ceases to have the same power over us, it's no longer our default.
  • Everyone's lows are going to feel different and individual to them but they're still part of the same predictable trend that all humans experience - all of us go from low to high moods. Understanding that allows us to take the lows less seriously and simply wait for our mood to rise again.
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