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This week's show is with Hogne Kirkebø. Hogne is a professional EMT and coach focused on spirituality, relationships and sexuality from Norway. Hogne seeks to bring together his understanding of the 3P, Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, and his medical training into a very unique and creative understanding of how our reality works as human beings, and to share that through his artistic nature.

Hogne is a professional EMT, Yoga Teacher and Therapist, Tantra Teacher, Tantric Massage Therapist, NLP Master Practiction, and have a background in Music and Innovation from University College.

So today’s show is with Hogne Kirkebo. This is the second time that Hogne has been on the show - after that one we got lots of feedback and questions which inspired Hogne and I to record another aimed at answering some of those questions! So in this show we explored what's going on when one person in a relationship doesn't want intimacy. It’s such a common issue and I’m hoping this show will be a real help to those of you who are experiencing this in your relationship.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We all have the opportunity for connection - it's not going to be the same connection with every person though because we're all different so every connection is different!
  • Just because someone says they don't want intimacy, it only reflects what they think in that moment and doesn't mean that how they feel right now can't change.
  • It's not about you, it's about what's going on for the other person.
  • You are a gift receiving a gift. A belief that we're unworthy can get in the way of being able to receive that gift. An insights into our beliefs about ourselves can change everything.
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