The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, co-founders of Red School teaching a radical new approach to women’s leadership, creativity and spiritual life based on the power of our menstruality consciousness.

I was so excited to have Alexandra and Sjarnie on this show, I'm a huge fan of their book Wild Power and think the work they're doing in the world is incredibly powerful and so so needed.
So in this show, we explored how women are coded for power, and the journey to realizing the fullness and beauty of that power – your Wild Power – lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle.

We explored how women can learn to love their menstrual cycle - from a practical view point and and also in a deeply spiritual way - and the benefits of doing so, not least that it is the key to understanding yourself, what you came here to do and ultimately accessing your full authority and power as woman.

Alexandra and Sjarnie are sterling examples of women in their full power - they were such a delight to interview.  This episode was one of my all time top 3 shows - it really was that good!

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