The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with my fourth-time guest, the amazing James Tripp, an internationally recognised and respected educator, consultant and coach in the fields of personal transformation, hypnosis, influential communication and personal efficacy. Working from an eclectic background including philosophy, music, mentalism, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis.

Beyond his work with private clients, James runs open workshops internationally, with his London and UK based workshops typically drawing students from around the world.

In today’s show we spoke about something that's very much alive for both of us... you could call that working with magic or non-linear ways of being. This is a way of living in which we co-create with the complex world around us, knowing we can't control how things unfold and yet still creating towards a vision or intention. Even that this was the topic of the show and then the way the conversation unfolded was a perfect example of that.

As ever, this show with James was so timely for me and went very deep. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did co-creating it with him!

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