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This week's show is with Susan Guner. Susan is a trained, somatic, trauma-informed holistic psychotherapist with a mindfulness-based approach grounded in Transpersonal Psychology that focuses on holistic perspective through introspection, insight, and compassionate self exploration to increase self awareness, allowing the integration of the mind, body and spirit aspects of human experience in personal growth and development.

In this show, we explored how Susan arrived at working with microdosing, after long experience of using traditional therapies and somatic work to heal trauma, the dangers of taking big doses of psychedelics and how we can use microdosing in an effective and safe way.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • So much of our unwanted patterns are due to trauma, which most forms of healing work we try - especially if they only deal the mind, don't really address - this is often what brings people to psychedelics and plant medicine - they create entropy that allows them to reach the parts that other things can't.
  • The challenge with this approach though is people taking massive amounts of psychedelic medicines and not seeming to change or heal but if anything, egos can become more amplified and more bypassing occurs  - psychedelic narcissism. People have these ineffable experiences as they sit with these potent medicines, to only come back to their toxic environment and dive straight back into their old patterns.
  • The power of microdosing is that we can create the journey in a way that allows for the rupture and breaking down of the old patterns and contains ongoing holding within an intentional community, support, guidance and integration

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