The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Lynette Allen, for 20 years she has been grounding & inspiring women in the corporate world and female business leaders, running female empowerment workshops, courses & retreats.

A published author, presenter & broadcaster, her work took her all over the Europe & the UK speaking about equality & the rise of the feminine. Lynette currently lives with her family in Bali, she works with Cacao, Women’s Circles & Ritual to help her guests and clients balance their lives and emotions, and supports women worldwide on their continuing self and professional development.

In this episode, we explored the importance of reclaiming ritual in our modern lives. We talked about the fear and misunderstanding that gets in the way of us embracing ritual and ceremony, the power and magic that arises when we do so and lastly some simple ways for you to get started with creating ritual if you're feeling the pull in this direction.

This might not seem like a particularly relevant topic to you at first glance but personally, I think this is SUCH an important reclamation, it's a portal into so much of our primal power. I've seen that personally and with the women I work with in ceremony and circle... we are all so thirsty for ritual without even realising it. Now's the time for you to quench that thirst.

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