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This week I'm talking to Keeley Olivia, Keeley Olivia is a Female Sexuality Expert on a mission to Unleash the Female Orgasm of the World. She wrote a Masturbation Memoir - Unleashing the Female O - detailing her journey to discovering orgasm and delivered a TEDx talk - Masturbation is the New Meditation- where she offered new paradigm thinking on female sexuality and self pleasure.

She is a Professionally trained Sex, Love, Relationship & Transformational Coach, and worked for a decade as an academic researcher & scientist at some of the world’s highest rated research institutions. Keeley holds a first class Chemistry degree, studied Regenerative Medicine at postgraduate level and has a Masters degree in Medical Statistics. She is now bringing Anarchy to the UK via the Sexual Revolution!

In this show we did a deep dive into all things self pleasure, the why, what and how! And how self pleasure links to other gorgeous topics such as body acceptance, sexuality and intimacy.

This is one of those shows that I would love all women to listen to - it really is that important.

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