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This week's show is with Katherine Bird, a transformational leader, healer, Shamanic channel, and guide here to help facilitate the shift in human consciousness and the raising of the vibratory frequency.  She supports people through the processes of healing themselves and bringing their magic to the world.  Utilizing energy work, channeling, hands on healing, practice cultivation and deep coaching she shepherds people through their awakening and the journey to become the healers, coaches and guides they were designed to be. She helps people to open their channel and bring through wisdom, healing and guidance while remaining stable and grounded.

She supports high-performing coaches, healers and leaders to manage their energy, boundaries and demands on them personally and physically, in order to sustain and scale their impact in the world.

In this week's show, we explored the gift of sensitivity - what it is and why we humans have it and then how we can honour and grow this gift. This episode isn't just for people who know they're a healers, psychic or empath - I really think it's for all of us.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • High sensitivity can show up as anxiety, depression, strong emotions and an aversion to some experiences and people. It's so poorly understood in today's world that we often medicate ourselves in various ways into deadening our sensitivity.
  • 25% of the population is highly sensitive though it might well be more like 100% of us in a more natural lifeway where it hasn't been conditioned out of us! We would have needed these sensitivities to hunt, to find plants, to heal and to understand the world we were deeply connected to.
  • Channeling can look like all kinds of things - art, music, or healing - and it's usually unique in how it shows up, so it won't look like other examples you've seen. We're all special snowflakes :) In order to honour your sensitivities: ask for help and guidance, follow the breadcrumbs, and play!
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