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This week's show is with Jeremie Mercier. Jeremie is a natural health coach who helps his clients to find the nutrition, emotional hygiene and natural health practices that will bring them back to full health. An interesting factoid is that Jeremie is married to one of our previous guests, the amazing Flora Douville who we had on the show a month or so ago talking about her incredible approach to expressing your unique essence. What an amazing couple they are! In this conversation, Jeremie and I talked his research into the Blue Zones - the regions of the world with the highest concentration of centenarians - and what he's seen about the three most impactful things you can do to create a long healthy life.

What you'll learn from this episode:

The importance of eating a wide range of fresh, natural foods, especially plant foods such as legumes and grains. This can be challenging in this modern world where we typically don't have access to locally grown food but I thought the example of Loma Linda in California was a great one for showing that it's possible to still eat healthily when living in a city.

What's seen to be true in all of the Blue Zones is a lack of chronic stress. Stress is a natural feature of humans, it's only when it becomes chronic that it often creates health issues. As we often talk about on this show, when we're in our natural state, our primal state, we move in and out of stress when it's useful.

Movement (and the all important rest) are a common feature of all the Blue Zones. It's not typically intense, high impact exercise like going to the gym for a session of cardio, it's more lots of natural movements such as walking, stretching and crouching as they're going about their day.

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