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This week's show is with Dave Burns who is a coach, angel investor, and essayist. With a background in relational work, partnered meditation, mindful business training and classical philosophy, his work today centres around the interplay between ancient wisdom and modern practicality. A very happy husband, he lives in Costa Rica with his wife, in a small town where the jungle meets the sea.

In this show we spoke about the hidden energies of financial exchange, Dave dived deep into sooo many money questions such as: why is it so challenging to charge money for a service-based business? Why does it seem so easy to make money after a certain point? Why is it that I have so much trouble saving? Why does it vanish? How do I cultivate consistent habits without being controlling, restrictive, self-abusive?

Ultimately, this episode did an incredible job of illuminating the money landscape so we can choose to cultivate a conscious relationship with it.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Money is a store of human life because life is scarce - taking life force is usually described as consuming or eating therefore taking someone's money is like cannibalism
  • Of course we will have resistance to eating and being eaten by other humans so it's no wonder we can have so much resistance around money!
  • Indigenous cultures have a conscious and sacred relationship of the thing they're consuming -  we can begin to create a similar relationship by giving thanks and praise to the things you're eating and the lives that brought it to you
  • Receiving a lot of money can feel uncomfortable and greedy when we aren't bringing the reverence and consciousness to it
  • I love Dave's suggestion of creating an alternative to the loving kindness meditation: (may I be peaceful, may you be peaceful, may you be well)...  May I be consumed, may you be devoured, may you be received

Resources and stuff that we spoke about:

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