The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Rion Kati. Rion is a Reiki Master,  an Advanced Tantra Educator and he is the voice of the Powerliminals meditations and founder of the Natural Grounding method of sex transmutation which has 1000s of male practitioners.

He has been serving men for 16 years as a natural dating and soul purpose alignment coach and he is now focusing on his work with women. Rion has a unique background in that he has meditated for 14,000 hours with meta feminine archetypes giving him special abilities and practical insight into allure, sexuality, archetypes, reading energy and professional image.

In this show we explored allure - what it is and isn't. Why so many women today lack it and how we can embody and express more of it.

This is a fascinating topic - I felt that Rion and this show provided a uniquely deep journey into a topic we as a culture typically obsess over but only at a shallow level. I loved it!

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