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This week's show is with Aidan Wachter. Aidan has been involved in practical magic since the 1980s.  He is an animist and is deeply concerned with the effects of modern Western life-ways on the human animal, on both physical and spiritual levels. Aidan views a living magical practice as a path to heal many of the problems we face today and a way of being that is intrinsic to the creatures we are. He is the author of Six Ways: Approaches & Entries to Practical Magic and Weaving Fate: Hypersigils, Changing the Past & Telling True Lies.

​In this show we explored the intersection of rewilding and magic - or how they're actually two sides of the same coin, or "one stone" as Aidan says. Given the power of both rewilding and magic, bringing the understanding of them together in this way is such an important and helpful conversation for anyone who wants to reclaim their power. I absolutely loved it - I hope you do to.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Indigenous - ie wild - cultures across the world and throughout history evolved with magic being part of the worldview and way of relating to themselves and everything around them. Aidan actually says that he sees magic as the defining root of human culture.
  • Typically modern magic hasn't included an understanding of the importance of rewilding - therefore unless someone has already been on the rewilding path, any magical practice will be  happening over the top of domesticated ways of thinking and being.
  • If we were raised in wild ways we would have been guided to live in a way that was in alignment with our deepest self (which we could describe as the soul or True Will) but those of us who were raised in this modern culture will need to rewild to release the dreams, visions, ideas and fears that aren't native to us
  • For those of us who are already on the rewilding path, the understanding and practice of magic provides us with the power to create positive change in the world that is in alignment with our deepest self
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