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This week's show is with Siân Marie Pilkington, a woman of wordcraft, mother to four, deep rooted energy worker, herbalist, birth attendant, retreat facilitator, and a community creator. In her own words "I honoured the medicine of The Mother by hearing + following the call to become a birth worker + with every child that I witness be born, whether to stay or to leave + with every lesson I learn about the ignorance of patriarchy in a goddess’ birthing space + with every autonomous decision for a woman to roar and catch her own child + the angels that I see guide souls down from the corner of the room, I found + find sacred rage + glowing holiness all at once. I learned how to meld + be a container not just for my offering of legacy but for the workings of women resisting the old paradigm as well as those who could see no way out."

In this week's show, Sian and I talked about rewilding pregnancy. Why this is what our culture needs right now and what it means on an individual and practical level for a woman wanting to walk this sacred path. I found this a deeply healing and inspiring episode despite having left the pregnancy stage of my life. This is something I think all of us would benefit from listening to, whatever stage of life we're in.

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