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This week's show is with Dagmar Khan. She is a world’s leading Women’s Empowerment and Trauma Alchemist. She helps women to break free from the handcuffs of broken-heartedness, social repression or trauma and reclaim their personal power, sexuality and financial abundance. With her focus on mind-body wellness and women’s sexual empowerment, she invites women to increase their confidence thermostat and capacity to lead with radiant power, trusting in their worth and divine work in the world.

In this episode, we explored the incredibly juicy topic of using an affair as a portal to more love, personal growth, creating a shared vision for the relationship, and healing past trauma. Yes, really!

Also, as well as being an incredibly helpful and healing episode for anyone who has experienced infidelity in their relationship, this is such a rich episode that it has truths for any human navigating intimate relationships. I can honestly recommend this to all of our listeners.

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