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This week's show is with Elsie Escobar, a pioneer in the podcasting space with over ten years of experience as a podcaster. She was recently inducted into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. Elsie has taken her knowledge in the podcasting space and uses her voice to help others gain their own voice in podcasting.

She knows the heart and soul of podcasters and podcasting beyond Apple Podcasts and public media. It is with this primary point of view of the average podcast listener (via thousands of hours of podcast listening) and independent podcast production that she brings a unique perspective to the podcasting industry.

Her passion within the industry is podcasting’s rapidly-changing environment, impact, access, community building, and advocacy.

She welcomes the opportunity to elevate existing conversations around podcast consumption and initiate ways to reach new listeners above focusing on metrics, advertising and monetization into social change and using podcasting as a tool for personal growth and transformation.

She also happens to be our very own podcasting mentor - and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to share her wisdom with you.

In this episode, we explored voice as a tool for personal transformation: the power of our voices, what gets in the way of us using them to their full range of expression, how we can work through those blocks, and the gifts and growth that come from learning to fully use our voices.
It doesn’t matter whether you use your voice professionally, eg as a podcaster, this episode is so relevant to anyone interested in discovering more about themselves.
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