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This week's show is with Ryan Simbai Jenkins. Ryan is a hypnotherapist and coach with an unusual upbringing. He was born in Papua New Guinea, and his first experiences with non-traditional ways of healing came early on in life when his mother (a medical anthropologist) discovered a “lost” indigenous tribe called the Hagahai people. Ryan witnessed first hand how the tribal healers and shamans used forms of Trance to heal people from diseases of the body and mind. This profoundly influenced the course of his life.

This led to an intense fascination and deep study and practice of meditation, self-hypnosis, NLP, shamanism, ceremonial Magick and the many varied psychological modalities of personal development. His love of this field comes from the profound personal transformations he regularly experiences in his own life and those of his clients.

In this episode, we explored what I call the Shadow Needs, which are inspired by the work of Lester Levenson. We spoke about what these Shadow Needs are, how we can use them in enquiry to uncover shadow that's behind these Needs and ultimately how we can release those Needs to live more freely and fully as our true self open to the Divine. We also took a tour around Magick, Qabbalah, Michael Beckwith's 4 stages of consciousness and more... it really was a deep dive into Soul and Spirit!

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The four Shadow Needs we spoke of are: Control, Security, Approval and Oneness/Separateness, though personally I tend to work mainly with the first three
  • We can use these Shadow Needs in enquiry in the way Ryan described: Asking: "Could I let go of wanting..." Would I be willing to let go of wanting...?" "When? Or noticing when these Needs are showing up and then working to illuminate and integrate the shadow creating that need
  • This work isn't about dismissing our physical security, it's about allowing us to see we have a physical body *and* we're also more besides.

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