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This week's show is with The Infinite Couple: Baba Richard and Sri Namaste. Baba and Sri are spiritual leaders and relationship alchemists, who created a potent pathway to sacred love, business growth, and spiritual alchemy. They have worked privately with some of the most exciting individuals and couples throughout the globe.

The Infinite Couple embraced the Divine Feminine and Masculine and created ultimate Couple Archetyping protocols that has resulted life-changing shifts in radical fulfillment, limitless abundance and self-actualization among individuals and couples. They are currently uplifting couples worldwide through their Couple Unification Prototypes Modality, The Framework of Marriage Mastery, The DYAD: Paradigm, and Power Of Eleven Marriage program, resulting in 11x more powerful relationships with your partner, your business, and consciousness itself.

In today’s show we explored Richard and Namaste's understanding and deep embodiment of union, how the bringing together of polarities such as Men and Women, Black and White, Spirit and Science, Light and Dark Workers, Conscious Wealth is the future - and one that is available to us now if we're willing to release our grip on homogeneity and fairness.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • In our well intended desire for fairness, we often end up creating a need to be the same, a homogeneity which means we don't get to benefit from the power of the ends of the poles or the energy created between the two
  • I loved what Richard said about how the celebration of differences is a world in which we cultivate excellence, genius, beauty and artistry - things that could be said to be some of the best qualities of humans, and certainly ones I value greatly
  • When we bring the best of ourselves, our true power, and we also join together with another powerful person then we become an engine. Something greater than the sum of its parts.

Resources and stuff that we spoke about:

  • The article we spoke about “The future is WE"
  • The Infinite Couple
  • The Sanctum of Feminine Transformation: A living Feminine Embodiment Mystery School and Alchemic Wisdom Tradition for women to learn embodiment and emanation of Femininity
  • The Dyad Paradigm: The DYAD is the most fundamental universal and powerful Unit of measure in the Universe. Nothing sentient is born here without the involvement of this Union. The Newest New in Consciousness, the MOVEMENT that is arising as an expression of Infinite Intelligence playing an Infinitely Individuated Coupling Game.

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