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This week's show is with Amir Karkouti and it's a little different to our usual episode format. Amir is a Transformative Coach, a business owner, author, speaker, recovery centre volunteer, an old friend and someone who has been a guest on this show in it's early days - 5 years ago in fact! This was in our first evolution when this show was called The Born Happy Show and our focus was all about a spiritual teaching called the Three Principles, also known as the 3Ps.

This episode is particularly focused around the 3Ps but there will also be much of value here if you've walked any spiritual path.

The background to this episode is that I reached out to Amir inspired by a completely out-of-the-blue idea “What if Amir and I created a show about the 3Ps from the perspective of where we each are now on our paths...him: successfully living, teaching and coaching from a 3Ps understanding, and me: having had a huge transformation seven years ago thanks to the 3Ps, spending several years coaching and teaching from that understanding, and then subsequently having transitioned away onto other things?”

I knew that Amir was someone with a wide open mind and a huge heart, and was someone with whom I could co-create a deep and honest conversation about…

  • How we each see the 3Ps and the community
  • Our thoughts on the struggles and the disillusionment we see show up
  • Life after the 3Ps
  • Beyond all the dogma and controversy, the huge benefit we see in people ‘waking up’ via this path. 

This was recorded as a live webinar in Amir's group so you'll hear us take questions from our audience as well as all the other fun and games that happen on a live webinar!

If you've been on the 3Ps path... this episode answers all the questions you've been afraid to ask ;)


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