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This week's show is with Jim Pehkonen. Jim is a Life Architect and a Certified Transformative Coach who works in the fields of chemical addiction recovery and youth at risk. Jim works with up to 60 people in recovery weekly … making a profound difference while opening a space for healing.

In this show we spoke about how it’s possible to move on from trauma in your past.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We all have a past but none of us are defined or limited by our past. The things that happened to you are just things that you experienced, they're not you.
  • We can't be soiled or stained by trauma our past, almost every part of us is constantly being renewed. The only place trauma exists is in our thoughts.
  • Jim spoke of the power of becoming aware of where your thoughts are putting blocks between you and love. Once we see those blocks for what they are - simply thought - we can also see that we can always reconnect to love. We always have that choice.
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