The Primal Happiness Show
Julian Freeman on happiness and money. A Happy Hour Conversation with Julian Freeman

Speaking to author, coach and speaker Julian Freeman about the three principles, seeing through our thoughts and fears about money and returning to our default setting of happiness.

My favourite take-aways:

The hamster wheel of life

  • We can be so focused on working faster and harder to get 'somewhere' that we don't even realise we're on the hamster wheel.
  • The hamster wheel is not our true identity.
  • Life isn't about the money that we as individuals are busy creating on our hamster wheel. There's a flow of money and so we're always only playing with the casino's chips. It might feel like it's our money but it came from somewhere else and then will flow on somewhere - we're just holding it for the moment.

Just showing up as you

  • There's no blueprint or technique to make money work for everyone - the power is in who we are as individuals.
  • How we are is what we attract to us.
  • We just have to show up as ourselves to get off the hamster wheel and to see the abundance of opportunities, money and experiences.

How we're like our Phones

  • We have a default setting - we mess with the settings, we try to improve ourselves. One button can take the phone back to default and likewise one realisation can take us back to our default setting - our true self.
  • Our auto-pilot takes care of things better than when we're trying to control things.
  • We have have an inbuilt, self-righting mechanism. We all have a super-power of resilience!
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