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This week's show is with Kat Courtney, an Afterlife Coach. Kat first received the term "Afterlife Coach" after one of the many times she experienced death. She had been working as a Spiritual Life Coach and Shamanic Apprentice for a decade, and felt that her life's purpose was still a little. . . off. As she sat in her 999th or so Ayahuasca ceremony, it dawned on her that there are three things she love most in this world: Connection to soul, Ayahuasca, and death.

After the craziest of journeys with this medicine, she finally realised she was not meant to be an Ayahuasquera - she was meant to be the before and after guide. She also works with people in hospice. She adores shadow work. She's in love with death. Ayahuasca only made that a deeper calling and understanding.

So that’s exactly what we explored in this show - death. Why Kat sees it as one of the juiciest topics to explore, why our relationship with death actually affects how we live, and what we can do to get good with death.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We are so afraid of death and dying that it can make us close up and contract, not fully love our lives or be open to loving others.
  • Understanding that death isn't the end of the journey but is just a different experience of consciousness allows us to stop running away from death, to stop living in fear of it.
  • When we say yes to all of it - the dark stuff and the light stuff, love and heartbreak, life and death then we get to have the deepest, most juicy experience of life. So say yes to all of it!
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