The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Kate Joyner. Kate is a Nature Based Soul Guide, Deep Feminine Facilitator and Experimental Actress, guiding the way for the remembrance of Eros as the antidotal medicine for our troubled times. Her work echoes the call of an elemental need for initiatory pathways that allow us to come into intimate relationship with Body, Earth and Soul so that we can create a culture seeded in wildness and love. Her passion for the revolution seeps into all of her offerings, be it through her mentorships, women's journey's, theatre shows or her poetic immersions, you'll be brought to the life that lies on the edge, where the magic happens. 

In this show, we spoke about descending to the soul vs ascension to spirit, the sacred wound - and how in this culture we'll typically we can pathologise our conditions rather than see them as an invitation into myth and soul.

This was a gorgeously deep episode - I loved it!

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