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This show is with Kim Kaase. As a professional business coach, consultant and transformational trainer she supports her clients by working with them to craft a clear personal vision while creating results that are important to them. She uses her background as a designer to creatively solve problems and approach challenges as a coach from a very unique perspective. 

Kim's experience in creating breakthrough sales results as well as executing company vision and goals melds perfectly with her coaching career. As a dealer principal, Kim led sales and sales support teams to grow the dealership from $14mm in 2003 to $38mm in just 4 years while industry trends were going in the opposite direction.

Kim graduated from the University of Houston in 1990 with a BFA in Interior Design and a certification in Transformative Coaching. Her career has included work with a vast array of professional services firms and successful entrepreneurs.. She is the Principal at her firm, LEAP Business Coaching. In her free time she enjoys transformational work, bird watching, cooking and creating memories with her son, Rex. Kim’s vision includes creating a world where everyone leads lives that they absolutely love!

In this show we talked about Kim's recent divorce and how what she learned from it has inspired her to help others who are trying to figure out whether to stay in their relationship. In essence, we explored the question: Is divorce the answer?

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • A lot of relationship guidance out there is about analysing your marriage issues or about how to make it work - not addressing the question of whether divorcing is actually the answer.
  • Whilst we might not want the responsibility of making a big decision, the question of whether to stay in a marriage or divorce is something is we can only answer the question for ourselves. Be clear WHY you're getting counselling or coaching.
  • The inner voice that spoke when Kim felt quiet and settled down was giving the answer all along. Kim realised that intuition and insights don't always have to be what we might describe as 'positive'.
  • Ask yourself "What do I want?" That can be a challenge because the answer can make us feel selfish or guilty but understanding what you want can be revealing and helpful.
  • What if I don't know what my intuition is telling me? Kim said: be patient, just give it some space and time.
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