The Primal Happiness Show

This week's show is with Gillian Pothier, a LA-based writer and coach. Women work with Gillian to reclaim their instinctual knowing. She guides them to write and create from their deepest Feminine essence: their pussy. Gillian believes that women alive in their deepest truth and in the fullness of their erotic expression is the medicine that will save the world.

Gillian's actually one of my own mentors and coaches and I've been dying to get her on the show to share her with you!

In this show we explored power of learning how to tell the truth - which is something Gillian is particularly passionate about and also beautifully placed to guide others in. We talked about why telling the truth can be so challenging and scary, and how we can learn to go to and name the our hidden places, and the power that truth can have out  in the world.

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