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And this week's show is with Lyric-Howard Jay Ginsberg. Starting in the 1980s, Lyric has been developing his crazy off the wall programs, throwing out the common models and merging and weaving together in-depth and advanced personal fitness training, dietary training, emotional awareness, NLP, sexual and relationship communication and enhancement, and consciousness and Integral thinking.

The world today is one where we are no longer concerned with survival, but now thriving. This means we need to accent what we've lost.. focusing on the feminine... enhancing their peace of mind, abilities, and impact on
the world. He applies his many different approaches with women entrepreneurs and professionals (some men to) to accelerate their growth. Each of his programs are synthesized from hundreds of existing models, tested in real-world situations, and streamlined for individual performance.

In this show, Lyric and Lian explored the topic of women and aloneness - how that aloneness can be seen as loneliness which shows up in addiction, abusive relationships, dependencies, bad habits, and closing off to life in many ways.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We place a negative meaning on the fact of our 'aloneness', we decide it's 'loneliness'... and then that makes us seek out ways to distract or remove ourselves from the feeling.
  • Lyric talked about the ways we try to remove this loneliness: the three 'atchments' of detachment, attachment, non-attachment.
  • It's important to remember that we don't actively or consciously choose any of these atchments, they're what simply what our thoughts are creating based on the way we see ourselves and the world. Those beliefs were once useful for us but it doesn't mean that they still are serving us well now.
  • As we as women (actually, men too!) see through our atchments and become more comfortable with our inherent aloneness, we can see the core of us is perfectly and naturally OK and we're more able to be open to exploring and connecting from that place.


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