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This week's show is with Michelle Atkin. Michelle is a mother to seven children, who she is immensely proud of. She has had an interesting and unconventional upbringing which she enjoys sharing with others in the hope that it others can feel less alone in the world.   In her professional capacity, Michelle works primarily with woman to support them to develop connections. This often starts with a  connection back to themselves in order to feel and understand their purpose in life at that moment.  Michelle has supported women in their parenting roles, having had a social enterprise for several years that became known nationally and internationally through various speaking opportunities. Michelle's passion is to build connections with, by and for people through simple and caring conversations.  She believes that underneath all the anxiety and pressures that we often feel and see, that we are all OK.

Michelle was raised in a cult and has spent the last 25 years recovering from and learning from it. In this show,  we explored the rather surprising topic of what we can learn from cults about connection!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The desire for connection and being part of a tribe is primal, it's part of being human. It's no wonder that joining cults can be so appealing when they're giving people something that's so lacking in this modern world.
  • There's an instant and effortless connection that we all had as children - pure presence - that's something that's still possible for us as adults, even though it's uncommon in today's world.
  • The fear of being disconnected holds us back from leaving unhealthy situations - but on the other side of that leap of faith, there's always the opportunity for connection. That's because connection is innate.
  • We are all connected all the time, we just lose the awareness of it.
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