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This week's show is with Nicky Bartley, she is an International Coach and Trainer who has a passion for working with women.  She has done work with corporates, prisons, small charitable organisations and panic attack sufferers.  

In this week's show, Nicky shares her incredible story of going from being £150k in debt and about to be made homeless to working as a successful coach, loving life and being free of her overthinking about money.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Nicky's story of the two different times she was homeless (or about to be) show how our thoughts about something are creating our experience of it. The first time was one of the most fun times of her life whereas the second was filled with fear and shame.
  • When we stop overthinking money and the risks of not having it, we can be open to life and to connection with other people. Nicky's stories of enrolling clients in circumstances when money and enrolling clients were the last thing on her mind are great examples of that!
  • I loved Nicky's summary at the end: "Money flows when I flow"
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