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This week we're listening in on a business coaching session between transformative coach Piers Thurston and his new client Vicky. Vicky wants to create a successful coaching and personal development business and wants to be coached around her lack of confidence about making decisions.

I loved how Piers guided Vicky to see that she'd managed to overcome other perceived obstacles in other parts of her life, it happened naturally as soon as she stopped putting weight into her thoughts about them. The same can be true of any of our beliefs, fears and limitations.

This episode is a fabulous example of how an understanding of the three principles allows us to easily see how the principle of Thought is creating our reality and our perception of issues, regardless whether it's in business or anything else.

Vicky reaped such useful insights from this one session that she's asked to postpone the follow-up conversations to a later date so she can focus on her studies in the coming weeks.

"I really enjoyed my session with Piers as it was so useful to have someone make me see the two hurdles I was specifically finding with my new business are ultimately all part of the same thing, the made up story.  Something I am very aware of with some parts of my life but had never associated it with these other areas; this was very freeing and fun to play with and to trivialize the impact of them."

Sorry, I know it's a shame not to hear how Vicky's journey continue next week but we'll catch up with her again in future. We've got a fab show lined up for you next week with the transformative coach and all-round bit of awesome Eirik Grunde Olsen. Eirek and I are talking about business (and all sorts of other things!) on the show - I know you'll love him!

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