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This week's show is with Aidan Wachter.

Aidan Wachter has been involved in practical magic since the 1980s.  He is an animist and is deeply concerned with the effects of modern Western life-ways on the human animal, on both physical and spiritual levels. Aidan views a living magical practice as a path to heal many of the problems we face today and a way of being that is intrinsic to the creatures we are. He is the author of Six Ways: Approaches & Entries to Practical Magic and Weaving Fate: Hypersigils, Changing the Past & Telling True Lies.

​In this show we explored what magic is and how to begin your own magical practice.

It’s such a brilliant introduction to listeners who are new to real magic but also those who already have a practice will likely hear something fresh in this conversation because Aidan brings such a fresh approach.

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What you'll learn from this episode:

  • I love Aidan's view that magic is the relationship we have with the field (manifest and unmanifest reality)
  • Don't feel you have to adopt a whole magical tradition lock, stock and barrel... see what magic means to you and what you're drawn to
  • Start with a few simple practices and then adjust and play with different intentions
  • Start with a simple offering ritual: offer food, water, incense to your allies, speak out your intention, after you've created a relationship - ask for their help and see what happens.

Resources and stuff that we spoke about:

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