The Primal Happiness Show

I'm speaking to Rich Habets, a highly successful executive coach and business consultant.

What you missed last week:

It was an unmissable Fly On The Wall Coaching Session between transformative coach Piers Thurston and his new client, Rachel. Rachel wants relief from her noisy, worry and anxiety-filled mind. She’s tried everything, including self-help, meditation and counselling in the past. Listen to discover what Rachel found out about where all her worries were coming from.

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And on this week's show...

He says that he used to be in business for all the wrong reasons. He was focused only on money and success and he was manipulative and he gossiped, just to get the business. And he ended up burning out.

Today he does the same work, consulting and coaching (and he's successful and makes money) but he does it for the right reasons, he does it from a place of service. And he's in a much happier place!

So today we're talking about 'conscious' business - or how to make money and be successful, consciously.

What you'll learn from the show:

  • The real difference between 'How to' vs 'Want to', and why this is vital to understand if you want to be successful.
  • Why some of your 'Want to's might not be a real Want to but just doing it, testing and learning is a great way to see that for yourself - Rich gave a great example of the surprising outcome when he gave a TedX talk.
  • The power of persistence - which is a natural outcome of your service-focused 'Want to's.


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