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This week's show is with Rudi Kennard. Rudi is a Three Principles Facilitator and film-maker who has been travelling the world, interviewing other facilitators, teachers and people who have had their lives transformed through understanding the principles. After spontaneously experiencing a profound shift in consciousness 22 years ago, Rudi ‘searched’ to explain this insight with others so trained in many mind technologies including NLP and hypnotherapy, then went on to teach Chi Gong and mindfulness meditation.

Thirteen years ago he came across the three principles and trained with the originator Sydney Banks and it’s pioneer Dr Roger Mills. Rudi spent over three years full time voluntarily creating the web site as a free resource for the world, and now trains facilitator in the understanding internationally.
Rudi has written for magazines, spoken on the radio, and trained others in this understanding within the fields of addiction, business, education, to prison and jail inmates, and more recently with earthquake survivors in Nepal. Rudi is currently writing a book and filming a worldwide cinematic documentary on the three principles paradigm.

So on today's show, Rudi’s talking about how breaking up with his wife Jenny allowed him to understand relationships and the human experience more deeply, so in this show we explored the truth about love and also loss.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • We often think that we need a great relationship to be happy however we're never experiencing any relationship directly, we're experiencing our thoughts about relationships - and we can think differently about everything!
  • We all have natural resilience - when we get out of our own way, we can bounce back stronger than ever.
  • People often believe that a happy relationships is created by compromising and moulding yourself to fit what you think is your partner's idea of someone they would like to be with but it's worth exploring the truth of that and what else is possible.
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