The Primal Happiness Show

And this week's show is with Sarah Louisignau, an empowered sensuality & fertility coach. Sarah has over a decade experience helping women (and men!) reclaim healthy, happy sex lives, and discover deep wisdom, love, and trust through the process of decriminalising pleasure and sensuality. She’s had her own podcast, led workshops & retreats, coached individuals and groups, and created a complete program for women looking to reclaim sensuality & fertility.

Sarah's been around the block, searching for the best non-dogmatic methods and philosophies to empower women and men in their search for wellbeing.

In this show we explored why human health and wellbeing is all about fertility!

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • The cement blocks that get in the way of fertility: the taboos we have sensuality and sexuality
  • To feel more sensuality, sit in nature, feeling the environment on your skin: there's a thousand ways that the environment is interacting with you, such as feelings the hairs on your arm being moved by the breeze.
  • This conversation around fertility is also just as relevant for men and also anyone who isn't necessarily focused on having children. Fertility is ultimately about vibrancy and creative energy and is true for all of us at any age.
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