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This week's show is with Shaaba Lotun and Jamie Raines. They've been together for 5 years, Jamie is transgender and since the beginning of his transition has documented his transition online. Together, they try and raise awareness of transgender issues, in the hope to help the LGBT+ community as a whole. They have recently set up a social enterprise, This Is Me., to continue supporting the LGBT+ community from a more official platform. Shaaba and Jamie both believe that gender identity and happiness are greatly linked, but that it is an incredibly complex relationship and topic that needs further exploration.

In this show we talked about what gender is really about - what's conditioned, what's innate and what we can explored.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Your beliefs around gender might be more made up than you realise. There's a spectrum of ways that we can identify and express ourselves!
  • Most of us have been conditioned to express our gender in ways that society deems as acceptable - it's interesting to explore which of those you find useful and which ones you'd like to explore beyond.
  • You are free to be yourself. :-)
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