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And this week's show is a real treat... I'm talking to the absolutely brilliant author, speaker, and coach Steve Chandler. Steve has a fascinating life story and in this show he shares his transformation from fearful neediness to a prosperous, happy life that he describes as 'crazy good'.

What you'll learn in this show:

Steve spoke about three different phases on his journey to money mastery:

  • 1st phase: NEED. There are no choices, life is about needing to do things simply to avoid pain and to survive.
    The beliefs at this phase: "I desperately need money to feed myself/my children. I'm helpless, I have to do this because I'm driven by my past, circumstance and other people."
    How to move on from this phase: Realise that the past doesn't define or limit any of us, we can all create from the present moment.
  • 2nd phase: COPING. Life is tough but knuckle down and it will just about be OK.
    The beliefs at this phase: "Money will always be a hassle and a struggle. I'll never be rich but I'll just about keep my head above water if I work hard enough."
    How to move on from this phase: See that freedom and possibilities are everywhere but don't trust, test. Try things out for yourself.
  • 3rd phase: MASTERY. Money is no big deal, it's like the air, it's everywhere.
    The beliefs at this phase: "There's no 'Need to', there's only 'Choose to'."
    How to move on from this phase: Why would you? Life is crazy good! :)

I'd love to know what YOU think about money, need and choice. Let's carry on the conversation...  leave a comment below or connect to Steve via one of the links below.

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