The Primal Happiness Show

Today's show is with Tony Broadbent. Tony's a State of Mind and Performance Specialist who works via speaking events, public, private and corporate training programmes, and one to one coaching.

Tony's original fascination with human potential was first sparked in 1978 whilst studying martial arts and resulted in him achieving two first dan black belts. He spent his younger years training to be a stuntman where his areas of expertise were skydiving, high board diving, gymnastics, trampolining, stunt driving and martial arts, so he's able to draw on personal experience when sharing the impact of operating from a clear mind in high pressure and high adrenaline situations.

He works with a diverse range of clients including sports professionals, business leaders, sales teams, entrepreneurs, companies, elite athletes, as well as general members of the public.

In this show, we explore whether change is possible in instant, and if so... how to create it.

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • However long someone as suffered with something, whether that's OCD, anxiety, depression or anything else, the opportunity is always there to see it for the thought-created experience that it is.
  • Even if something seems difficult in one moment, understanding that we always have the capability to think differently in the next moment is so freeing.
  • Whatever you're going through, do you have moments in which you don't feel that way? Can you see that your thoughts DO change and in those moments, you feel differently?
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