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Debt coaching 1 of 3. A Fly on The Wall Coaching Session with Viv Barclay

Looking at those thoughts and fears around money and debt so we can realise Financial Freedom... we've got the Transformative Coach and Money Expert Viv Barclay coaching a brand new client, Emma using the three principles understanding.

Emma bears her soul in this session and I could identify with so much of what she was saying. I imagine you will too as I think most of us have felt the way that she's felt, even if the visible expression of it isn't issues around money.

Viv was incredibly insightful! In particular, I loved these three key points she made.

  • Our thought of not being 'enough' and that other people are better than us in some way is often the root of us getting into debt. Seeing that all we're doing is engaging in the specific CONTENT of thinking brings acceptance for how we are, just as we are.
  • The more we resist how we're feeling, the more the state persists. Rather than wrestling and trying to change how we feel rather we can welcome the feelings in. We can allow ourselves to get drenched in the feeling like we're walking in the rain. The feelings will dissipate all by themselves.
  • Notice how much the outside world, the media and adverts are tapping into our deepest emotions, and especially fear. Making it easy for us to spend money 'buy now, pay later'. Telling us that we need 'stuff' to be happy, whole and valuable.

I also loved Emma talking about being able to see the humour in some of her thoughts, such as 'surfer girl' thought and how seeing the funny side of our thoughts, in itself makes life feels happier, lighter and less serious.

We'll catch up with Emma and Viv again on next Thursday's show!

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