The Primal Happiness Show
Weight loss (2/3), A Fly On The Wall Coaching Session with Elaine Hilides.

Show notes:

This is the second coaching session between Elaine Hilides, an experienced Wellbeing Facilitator and the author of No.1 ranked Amazon Kindle book ‘Mindfulness: The No-Diet Diet Book’ and her new client Amy.

Elaine’s approach is a revolutionary step away from the usual world of diets and self-denial and it’s very, very effective – she’s helped hundreds of people to lose weight and go on to live healthier, happier lives through sharing the three principles. In this episode, Elaine explains:

  • Seeing through the ‘I can never eat that again’ thought allows us makes choices about what we really want to eat
  • How our bodies tell us when we’re full – it’s when the taste declines (is it just me who completely misses that signal?!)
  • That we’re all perfect and happy :) and how we can let go of the negative self-talk as we see it’s just thought

We’ll be catching up with Elaine and Amy in a month’s time to see how Amy’s getting on.

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