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Amy Hardison on happiness. A Happy Hour Conversation with Amy Hardison (wife of Ultimate Coach, Steve Hardison)

Amy Hardison is the wife of the acclaimed 'Ultimate Coach' Steve Hardison. Steve suggested we interview Amy for The Born Happy Show as she's the happiest person he knows.

It was fascinating speaking to Amy and to hear how natural happiness is for her. Amy spoke about:

  • Her parents both being very happy and her upbringing being full of happiness, love and self-esteem. Amy said feels that we don't need to be perfect to be amazing parents.
  • Navigating difficult times in life is easier when you recognise that you won't feel the same way forever - even by tomorrow you'll probably feel differently.
  • Happiness comes from having acceptance both for who we are and also what we aren't (accepting that others will be better at some things).

It's worth saying that we had a lot of issues with the phone line during the interview, getting cut off several times, but Amy was just so calm and wonderful throughout!

Lian xo

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