The Primal Happiness Show

Transformative Coach Eirik is a delight to listen to, whether you're looking for more creativity, success and happiness in business or not.

He's one of those super-cool, wise-beyond-his-years, open-hearted people and he talks about some really useful ways of looking at life via the lens of the three principles so that everything becomes so much happier, easier and more enjoyable.

In theory we were focusing on business but somehow we touched on sex, cakes and all kinds of stuff! Here were my best bits (warning: I giggle a lot in this episode!):

  • Going beyond self-improvement - Trying to DO more and trying to THINK more doesn't help to make us any happier or more successful (and it's a tough job juggling everything to keep all of that in place) - simply recognising that all that doing and thinking doesn't work, can be a first step back towards seeing where happiness really exists.
  • If you're stressed and overwhelmed but you don't understand how to make a change - Make a choice... are you willing to look towards this new way of seeing life that we're describing? If you are and you keep exploring this direction and you're open to something changing for you then at some point it will.
  • Overcoming  the fear of failure - Eirik talked about how if we recognise there probably isn't an outside force judging us and recognise it's only our own thoughts creating an illusion of consequences, judgement and failure, we start to lower the stakes, reduce the pressure and feel able to play more freely.
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