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How to home school the happy way... with Stuart Norman

Stuart Norman is a Transformative Coach and teacher of the 3 Principles understanding.  Stuart and his wife have been enjoying home schooling his daughter since last year so I thought he'd be a great person to speak to about how parenting can be a lot easier and more pleasurable than parents often believe is possible.

I loved Stuart's metaphor that life is more like a game of snap than the game of chess that we sometimes act like it is! This applies to life in general but has been particularly helpful for him and his wife in their approach to home schooling:

  • We're not in control - life will play out in its own way, and that goes for our children too.
  • We don't know what the future holds - understanding that means we worry less about how we can make our children conform to our view of what we'd like their future to be like.
  • Learning (and life in general) is meant to be fun! :)
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